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Fitness For Life

We all have the desire to get fit and feel great. But too often we struggle to stay fit and feeling great for a sustained period of time. Since 2019, we've been serving the Maryland area with a new and fun way to do just that.

The methods we use at Faithful Fitness are what make us so unique. We find out what's important to you and design a customized regiment for you while employing various types of training to keep the mind engaged, and the body challenged. This allows us to help you achieve your goals in record timing. Become a Braveheart! Get started today.

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We dedicate ourselves to your success! With education, innovation, and motivation we are passionate to helping you become holistically optimum. Your victories are our victories. We are here to help you achieve your goals and become your best!

Owner/ Trainer/ Boxing Coach


After playing 20 years of football, winning a NCAA D II National Championship, playing semi-professional football and being recruited by the New Orleans Saints, I launched my career in the fitness industry in 2014 with one goal in mind; to help as many people as I can. I began my career in fitness as a PT at Merritt Clubs in White Marsh, Md where I had the opportunity to be the trainer for Poe the Ravens Mascot. In 2017, I left Merritt to help open Empowered Fitness in Nottingham, Md. In 2019, I launched Faithful Fitness with a focus on functional strength, athletic strength, body transformation producing holistic growth. I ran my first OCR Spartan Race in Sept 2021 in Killington, Vermont and plan to achieve my trifecta very soon.

As a trainer and coach at Faithful Fitness, my goal is for everyone to become Holistically Optimum and will do everything I can to make that happen. Whether its Boxing, PT, Sports Specific Training, or Stretching, my goal is that you exceed your goals; and have a good time doing it!

My Mantra is: Everyday Grinding! Thats what it takes for one to truly improve.  

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