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Hear What Others Have to Say

I was literally reborn with Bernie's program. My body, physical and mental is changed. I feel healthier, the exercises are quick, and fun but after you're done it make you believe that you put in work you can be proud of! I lost a pants size already and will restart the whole program again for another 6 weeks. You got me out of my funk. So thankful for this program. #Reborn #BeatStrong #Braveheart

Sunny Chiu

Bernie is the type of trainer that not only pushes you physically but mentally as well. He helps you to exceed limits that you didn't know were possible all while focusing on the mechanics of training. Just when you think you can't do another rep he pushes your body in ways you didn't know was possible. Bernie helped me through a hip labrum injury tailoring my workouts so that I was able to prepare for surgery which in turn helped me to recover more quickly than I normally would have. My fitness journey has improved tremendously working with Bernie!

Sarah Andrzewski

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