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In the Boxing Ring

Transform Yourself!

Hello fellow fitness enthusiasts! With a decade of experience sculpting stronger bodies and minds, I'm excited to invite you to our life-altering 8-week online boxing workout challenge. Brace yourself for a transformation that goes beyond the physical, empowering you to embrace resilience and triumph. Don't settle for the status quo – let's embark on this transformative voyage together. Join the ranks of individuals who are punching through limitations and emerging stronger. Secure your spot now and let the metamorphosis begin! 🥊🚀 #BraveheartReborn

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If you are ready to transform your life and get started now click the "Let's Go!" button below.

Unleash Your Best

What You Get:

#1. 8-week Braveheart Reborn challenge so that the guess work is removed on how to enjoy cardio and strength training


-The Braveheart Blueprint-








a. 40 Mins Per day, 5 days per week


b. Exciting, engaging Boxing based workouts you can do from home with NO equipment


c. 50% Anaerobic, 50% Aerobic = 50% Strength and 50% Cardio training


d. Be a part of a positive and unique Braveheart community with like-minded people



#2. Weekly group coaching calls to personalize your plan at the “white board”


#3. 8-Week Nutrition Plan and Meal Plan so that you Maximize results


#4. Accountability group so that you DON’T QUIT until you see results


#5. A proven system that works to burn fat and build lean muscle and get you results like these!







#6. Access to an app for your workouts so you can work out any time any where


Bonus: Those who sign up right now will also get the 7-day Natural Detox to naturally detox the body and help super-charge your results!


Normally, this would retail for over $1000 but if you sign up right away you are not going to pay that! You won’t pay $899 or even $599. You won’t even pay half of the retail price. Those who are ready to take fast action and to get real results will only pay the Founders discounted price of $399!


Those who wait may end up paying a lot more because I can only take a certain number of people. With only 50 spots open space and time is limited!!


I am so confident in this program that I am putting a 100% FOOLPROOF GUARANTEE on it!


If you follow this program and nutrition guidance plan EXACTLY and don’t see and feel results, I will train you for FREE until you do! That is how CONFIDENT I am in the power and effectiveness of this program.


So, if you are tired of feeling lethargic, low energy, out of shape, unhappy with the way you look, uninspired by the way you feel, this is your moment to leave your past and act NOW to change your future!


If you are ready to finally achieve the strength, endurance, confidence, and leaner physique that you’ve always wanted today, click the ‘Let’s Go’ button below to get started on your journey!


Time to reclaim your fitness, health, and confident mindset and enjoy working out with a community of motivated likeminded individuals! Welcome to the Braveheart Family! Click the button below and Let’s Go!


The Secret to Getting Ahead Is Getting Started

-Elbert Hubbard-






















Sunny Lost almost 40lbs!! Down from 167 to 128!!












Since we started the challenge, I have lost 10 pounds, 2 inches and as a diabetic my A1c has went down from 8.9 to 6.7!!!! Keep on pushing!

- Z. Webster


Just put on a pair of pants that were 3 sizes smaller than when I started this challenge!! I love this life!!

-J. Elizabeth







Finally made it under 250 pounds (249.8 pounds) and that's from starting at 270. And I feel so much better! Thanks everyone for the encouragement and Bernie your the man thanks!.

-R. Wazz


Feeling so excited - just finished my last workout of phase 3! I am down a pants size, fitting into my pre-pregnancy clothes and stronger than I have ever been. This is just the beginning- go Bravehearts! 

-S. Elizabeth


Braveheart Round 1 complete! Down 14lbs and feeling great!

-S. Witow


Down 10.2lbs!!!

-S. Silk












Holy crap you guys. I lost 5 pounds, week one!! What?!

-J. Testerman


I wasn't looking to lose weight, since I had already done that... but I've lost 4.5 lbs since we started... and that "v" is popping... and maybe that 2-pack!!

-D. Bystry









I'm down over 15 pounds and can feel my confidence! I also finally did a few REAL pushups!!

-T. Johnson


I can see a noticeable difference in my face, chest, arms, and stomach. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I've gone from 211 down to 203 as well!! GAINS!

-A. Hess

*If you need to make payments on your Braveheart Reborn Challenge- You can! By making 3 easy payments of $149, you will have access to the most powerful and effective program to lose weight, build lean muscle, and rediscover that confident positive mindset you deserve.*


Click the button below that says ‘Let’s Go 3-Pay' to get started on your journey!




The Future depends on what you do TODAY!


It’s time to rediscover who you are! Let’s Go!


Our Bravehearts Rave about their Challenge results!!

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